The MEMS Student Advisory Board was formed in Fall 2020 in response to URM undergraduate students expressing concerns to the MEMS faculty. Dr. Hornbostel was one of the founding faculty members of the SAB and spear-headed efforts to educate the MEMS faculty about DEI issues. Dr. Hornbostel served on the MEMS SAB from Fall 2020 until Fall 2022.


Dr. Hornbostel has served as a founding Editorial Board Member of the open access Elsevier journal, Carbon Capture Science & Technology, since Spring 2021. She served on the editorial board for a Special Issue on membrane carbon capture for CCS&T in June 2022 and has reviewed many papers for this journal.

  • Hornbostel Research Group gets in the holiday spirit (December 2021).

About Hornbostel Research Group

Dr. Katherine Hornbostel has been an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science department at the University of Pittsburgh since January 2018. Her research group focuses on multi-scale modeling of clean energy systems, with an emphasis on carbon capture systems. Dr. Hornbostel received her BS and MS in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech in 2010 and 2012, respectively. She then received her PhD in mechanical engineering from MIT in 2016. Her PhD thesis research under Dr. Ahmed Ghoniem involved modeling solid oxide fuel cells for power production from coal syngas. Dr. Hornbostel was a postdoc research fellow at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, where she developed a model for encapsulated solvents for power plant carbon capture. Dr. Hornbostel spoke about her postdoc work on Freakonomics Radio Live and also received press for her breast pump invention that she created after having twins in grad school. Dr. Hornbostel was also recently named a Scialog: Negative Emissions Science Fellow and has received federal research funding from NETL, Sloan Foundation and ARPA-E to fund various carbon capture research projects.